Book on protection of Vulnerable groups

The book Vulnerable Groups: Kajian & Mekanisme Perlindungannya was published  in September 2012

vulnerable_coverAs the title partially suggests, the book is written in Indonesian language. It covers the following vulnerable groups: children, women, disabled people, migrant workers, traditional communities (masyarakat adat, sometimes translated as indigenous people) as well as groups constituting a minority based on grounds of ethnicity, language, religion or belief, or others grounds (including, but not limited to, diseases and sexual orientation).

The book was published in cooperation between the Indonesia Programme and the Centre for Human Rights Studies at the Islamic University of Indonesia (Pusham UII). It is edited by Eko Riyadi and Syarif Nurhidayat. It is written by the following experts: Eko Riyadi, Enny Seoprapto, Rudi M. Rizki, Y. Sari Murti W., Sulistyowati Irianto, Setia Adi Purwanta, Hesti Armiwulan, Emil Ola Kleden, Yosep Adi Praestya, Ahmad Suaedy, Alamsyah M. Dja’far, Budi Wahyuni and Mansur Zaky.

Those interested in obtaining the book should contact Pusham UII.

By Aksel Tømte


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